Windows 10-running Hololens picks up distribution partners across Europe

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Windows 10 is much more than 'Mobile', of course, and Hololens is Microsoft's flagship/futuristic implementation of the OS. So I was interested to see more progress of this vision into businesses in Europe, according to a Microsoft blog post yesterday. See below.

From the blog post:

Microsoft’s Mixed Reality HoloLens headset will be readily available across more of Europe, thanks to the announcement of two new partners – Econocom and Bechtle.

The respective French and German companies will use their expertise and widespread networks to allow Microsoft to expand its range of HoloLens products for corporate customers in the European market.

HoloLens’ unique ability to merge virtual objects in the physical world lends itself to numerous innovative applications in industry, and the announcement of two new partners will enable more companies than ever to tap into its potential, and help boost their digital transformation.

Econocom itself will offer financing solutions such as subscriptions or pay-per-use – this expertise will speed up HoloLens adoption, which was previously only available from the Microsoft Store, by offering companies turnkey solutions to match their needs and address their digital transformation challenges.

Michael Zawrel, Senior Product Manager Mixed Reality & HoloLens at Microsoft Germany states that “Since Microsoft HoloLens came onto the market last year, we have been experiencing a continuously high demand from companies. By cooperating with Bechtle, we are taking this development into account and making it even easier for companies to benefit from the advantages of Mixed Reality technology.”

I've yet to try Hololens for myself, but I'd note that its pricing is still very much in enterprise territory, quite deliberately (from Microsoft) - it's a serious productivity/design tool for serious uses, not a gaming headset, whatever Alex Kipman might have shown off at various keynotes in the last few years.

And yes, the same UWP applications run on this as on your Windows 10 Mobile phone, at least in theory - in reality, the experience would be very different and you'd probably pick different (and probably 'vertical') applications.

Source / Credit: Microsoft