Mr Pillster UWP tracks medication and issues reminders

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Billed as a 'Simple app for the whole family', Mr Pillster is designed to remind you of medications, tracking what you should be taking and keeping you on schedule. The Pro version (a small IAP) is needed for use by the aforementioned family, but it looks to do exactly what it claims - if you'd like your Windows 10 phones and computers to take charge.


From the Store description:

You have an amazing family and you have active lifestyle. But sometimes your family members get ill. Doctors prescribe them a medicine, sometimes too many medicines. Medicine adherence is very important for good effect. How not to forget to give right medicine for both children at the right time? Mr. Pillster rushes to your help! Mr. Pillster is a mobile assistant for people who will care about taking medicines at the right time. If it is missed Mr. Pillster will remind you that.

  • You have a lot of interests and hobbies. All of it needs much power and energy. You always need to be fit to stay successful. Running and gym help you of course. But if you don’t want to feel exhausted from stress
  • you need to take vitamins. And it isn’t enough to take one pill from the box a day. You always need to remember about vitamins. Mr. Pillster is ready to help you!
  • You are a student...
  • You are a sportsman…
  • You are a doctor, your family members are doctors, and you know everything yourself… 

Whoever you are you can hardly remember about your health in everyday life. But this is much more valuable than anything else. You need someone to take care of your health and who will help in taking care of your loved ones. 

Your mobile phone is always with you. Mr. Pillster will be your ideal helper who doesn’t allow you to forget to take important medication on time. All you have to do is specify the dosage and time of medication. The rest Mr. Pilllster will do for you.

Main functions of the app:

  • If you miss a medication, the app will show up in the list as missed. You can also postpone the medication for a convenient time. 
  • Specifying the number of times a day you need to take medication and the app will determine for you the time of it.
  • Setting periodicity of the medication in days and the app will schedule it only on the right dates.
  • Cyclic pills take determining - contraceptives
  • Convenient notification of  medicine taken.

Soon managing accounts of you family members will be possible. So you can always be sure that your close people haven’t forgotten to take an important medicine. If they have - you will learn about it immediately.

Some of the promo screenshots, to give you an idea of Mr Pillster UWP in action:


Tracking what has and hasn't been taken and (right) setting up a new medication schedule.


And reviewing your medication log here on the desktop/tablet/Continuum, this being a UWP application...

You can grab this in the Store here. The free version has banner ads at the bottom of the screen, is limited to just the one person, and notifications are 'dumb' in that you can't manage them from Action Centre. Happily, the Pro version makes Mr Pillster fully functional and is only £1.49 or $2 (etc.), so if this application will be useful to you then upgrading it (and it'll work in Pro mode across all Windows 10 devices) is obvious.

PS. There's also a news group on Facebook for the app.

PPS. Along similar lines but aimed at tracking newborns, there's (from the same developer) 'Breastfeeding - feeding baby, pump, bottle tracker application', also a UWP app for Windows 10.

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