Unlocking Lumia bootloaders and enabling root access

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File this under 'super-geeky and limited real world use', but the arch-hacker known as Healthcliff74 has almost finished a major new version of his WP Internals utility for Windows, this time bringing Mass Storage Mode, Root access, and even the possibility of custom ROMs to all Lumias. Don't get too excited, since a lot of what could be done is beyond the scope of even AAWP, but watch (or skip through) the video embedded below and marvel at the programming skill and ingenuity involved.

Heathcliff74 says:

Hi all! It's almost two years ago since my last release. But Windows Phone Internals 2.2 is almost ready. It beats the modern SecureBoot implementation. And furthermore, it brings custom ROM's, Mass Storage Mode, Root access and many more hacks to all Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10 Mobile-based Lumia-models. There is also a new Download-section in the tool, where you can download everyhing you need for your phone. Here's a short demo:

It goes without saying that if you keep track of this tool and one day use it to play around with a Lumia then don't do anything on your main phone!

WP Internals 2.2 does look very slick though - I love the idea of auto-detecting the phone and autograbbing the right FFU OS image and emergency boot files. There's definitely an article here for some time in 2018. But what exactly will I - or you - do with the tool? Comments?

Source / Credit: WPInternals