Passkey UWP yet another KeePass 2.x client

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In today's PIN and password and reference code-obsessed world, all your secret stuff is something often kept in an encrypted 'blob' - in my case a KeePass 2.x database. Thankfully, the number of KeePass 2.x clients grows monthly, though this new UWP application is quite basic, with no Windows Hello support and with no auto-saving back to 'blobs' on OneDrive, for backup and access by other devices.

From the Store description (sic):

  • A Very safe and easy software to manage the password.
  • Use OneDrive or roaming folder to store the password data, and it can be more terminal roaming.
  • Software has no networking, so the data only exists in the native or OneDrive, absolutely not to obtain the stored password.
  • The storage location users choose, roaming folder or Onedrive
  • Stored AES encrypted file used to store, even if the files are losed, but others can't see the information of password.
  • Data can be imported and exported with AES encrypted.
  • Because the server does not get the user information stored password, so you need to log in Microsoft account to achieve roaming.

I gave Keepass UWP a quick run through anyway:


Comprehensive settings, including a dark theme and clipboard clearing; (right) if your KeePass 'blob' is on OneDrive, there's the option to keep a local copy, although you can't auto-save any changes back up to the cloud, unfortunately.


Within a folder in my encrypted database, here are some of the cards and (right) typical contents.


Shown below is a typical screen from Passkey UWP running on a PC:


Normally £1, this is free in the Store for next nine hours as I write this. Comments? Which KeePass client do you use? Me, I'm still searching for the perfect do-everything app!

PS. Sod's law - a few hours after I posted the above article, the developer decided to update the app in the Store with a new UI. The bottom screenshot above (from the PC) reflects the new cleaner look. Also notable is that you have fewer choices in terms of file/location - probably for the best.

Source / Credit: Store