EtherWallet UWP helps you manage your Ethereum wallet

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Having been slightly burned by the Bitcoin phenomenon, I've never got into Ethereum, a newer cryptocurrency, but there are plenty of tech-savvy people who are invested in it. And here's a UWP application to help you manage your 'wallet'. On phone, tablet, laptop, HoloLens or even your Raspberry Pi, all running Windows 10.

From the Store description:

EtherWallet for Windows 10 (version 2) is Feature Rich, One Stop Ethereum Wallet on Windows 10 devices. These current release support the following features:

  • Create Ethereum Address
  • Add existing Ethereum Address (restore backup from MyEtherWallet)
  • View details of Ethereum Address
  • Send Ether to another Ethereum Wallet
  • Monitor Ethereum Pool mining progress
  • Save/Backup individual Ethereum Wallet/Address
  • Save/Backup entire Ethereum Wallets/Addresses
  • Import MyEtherWallet directly
  • Support Multiple currencies: USD, AUD, BRL, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, IDR, INR, KRW, JPY, MYR, RUB, SGD
  • Support Self-Service Access Code Reset
  • Send Ether Transaction confirmation email
  • Send Request Ether transfer via email
  • Complete delete account and wallets information from device
  • Live Tile for latest Ethereum Price

I don't have any Ethereum, so I'll rely on Store promo screenshots here:


The core Wallet screen and something err.... to do with mining. Does this mean you can manage a mining pool? Hmm.... Anyone know?

You can grab EtherWallet in the Store here.

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