Arcadian: 3D Pacman with robots?

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You can't beat a deluxe 3D real-time rendered arcade game - and Arcadian is positively luxurious. Using a virtual joystick you guide a cute robot around up to nine three-dimensional buildings, collecting crystals and avoiding enemy robots. You can view the action from any angle, thanks to a virtual camera system - and this also helps you spot extra crystals when they're hidden by the current camera angle.

From the Store description (sic):

This is easy and fun game. Objective is simple. Collect crystals, avoid red elements.

  1. Collect crystals
  2. Avoid red crystals
  3. Be fast and precise
  4. Find your way

The premise is simple - perhaps too simple, then. The enemy robots seem to have no awareness of your robot's position, so there's no chasing involved (Pacman-style). Mind you, there's still stress and pressure, thanks to a clock running all the time on screen - let this run out and it's back to the start of each level all over again.

Here's Arcadian in action:


Real time rendered action even on the title/menu screen....


Into the game proper, with smooth 60fps movement, animated lighting effects, shadows, and more. All quite beautiful, even if the actual gameplay is a little staid....


Three visual quality settings let you tweak Arcadian for any phone, and there's a choice of controls, should you want to play with a mouse on a laptop, for example.

The only thing to watch for (other than red sparkling 'danger' crystals) is that loading Arcadian in the first place can take a while - up to 20 seconds on my fast Lumia 950 XL. So be patient - there's a lot of graphics to load up into RAM. 

You can buy Arcadian here in the Store. There's a limited free trial too.

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