Cortrigga UWP teaches Cortana to do things via IFTTT

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One recent complaint in the comments here was that Windows 10 Mobile doesn't play well with the Internet of Things and home appliances. New UWP app Cortrigga aims to help change that, with an interface that 'teaches' Cortana to do things via gluing services like 'If This Then That'.

From the Store description:

Use natural language voice commands to perform all kinds of tasks from turning on the lights in your living room to asking Cortana to brew you a fresh coffee. Simply teach Cortana how to perform multiple actions via different services i.e. IFTTT. Let your imagination run wild!

Actually using Cortrigga is beyond the scope of this short Flow story - but would make a good tutorial for another day. In the meantime, see the screenshots and comments below.


'Trigger' is the actual app name that Cortana references. And this then interfaces with gateway services like IFTTT...


Some of the example triggers/services, any of which can be disabled after initial set-up, if needed; (right) Getting set up with a new 'trigger'...


You can have up to six paraphrases for each trigger/action, in case you forget the exact wording needed! (right) setting up the appropriate IFTTT action, here geofenced too (for example, only working in your own home).

You can buy Cortrigga UWP here in the Store. There's also a free trial.

Have you used this yet? What do you have in your home and how well does it work? Is this a big deal? Comments welcome.

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