Cortana Device Setup UWP helps set up your Harman Kardon Invoke

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The Harman Kardon Invoke speaker is a new product that ties deeply into Microsoft's ecosystem, letting you chat to Cortana around the home or office, i.e. within earshot. And I noted that there's a new UWP utility that helps you set up your new smart speaker.

From the minimalist Store entry:

The Cortana Device Setup app will help you get your Harman Kardon Invoke all ready to go. With just your voice and Cortana, you can play your music, stay on top of your reminders and to-do lists, make and receive Skype calls, get your questions answered, and more.

Some screens of Cortana Device Setup UWP in action:


The Harman Kardon Invoke set-up wizard in action...


Tutorial video and suggestions screens, just play along at home with your new smart speaker!

You can grab Cortana Device Setup UWP for free in the Store here.

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