The Lumia 950 in the movies!

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AAWP reader Michael Cunningham is eagle eyed, it seems, and has noticed his 'old faithful Lumia 950 pop up in a couple movies'. Proof below, though he and I do wonder what other TV shows and films might have featured Windows 10 Mobile. Comments welcome!

Michael writes:



Over the last few months I noticed my old faithful Lumia 950 pop up in a couple movies. Indeed, in the most recent sighting, the Lumia 950 actually played a bit of a starring role in a movie called ‘Get Out’. This is an American horror (more high suspense than horror IMO) movie which has been nominated for two Golden Globe awards (Best Film & Best Actor). The movie is actually very good and has garnered a high profile with these nominations.  

Lumia 950 in the movies 

The second movie was a Christmas release last year called ‘Why Him?’. It was a decent light hearted comedy starring Bryan Cranston and James Franco. Cranston’s character uses the trusted 950. He even sports a leather belt holster (like some others we know! Don’t worry I sport a leather ‘Matidor’ holster myself).


I’m sure others will have Movies or TV shows to add to the list.


Thanks, Michael. I've noticed Windows hardware, usually Surface Pros or traditional laptops, in several TV series in the past few years, but hadn't spotted any Lumia 950 or 950 XLs!

What about you, dear reader?