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Continuing my Christmas 'entertainment' theme, it's not often that 'plumbing' and 'free' are mentioned in the same sentence, but this is a nice little, 120-level pipe-rotating puzzle game that's not only free but also a Windows 10 UWP title. So you can set about solving the puzzles on phone or laptop or tablet. There's no auto-syncing of progress, mind you, which is a slight shame.

From the Store description: (sic)

  • Connect all the pipes together and let the 'water' flow.
  • Make structure in the maze of pipes and solve the puzzle!
  • Be careful not spilling any water. 
  • The time you have to fix a pipeline is limited, hurry!
  • Level 1 - 40 has 40 seconds to resolve the maze of Pipes, Level 41 - 80 has 35 seconds to resolve.

Pipeline brings you:

  • - 5x5 levels, 40 seconds per level
  • - 5x5 levels, 35 seconds per level
  • - funny music
  • - nice sound fx
  • - nice graphics
  • - funny way to improve your skills

The jaunty music is half the fun, but the puzzles are solid too, even if the limitation to just 'rotating' pre-places pipes makes some of them a little easy. Still, the three and four outlet segments also have to be positioned just right, since no water at all is allowed to escape:

Screenshot, PipelineScreenshot, Pipeline

Music by the 'Stringed Disco', no less! This is clearly an adaption of open source pipe game code and levels, but given the game's price and playability, no one's going to mind; (right) a scolling help pane leads you through how to play. Nicely done.

Screenshot, PipelineScreenshot, Pipeline

The aim is to join top left to bottom right with no leaks - against a very tight time restriction, so your fingers need to move fast. The game is harder than it looks!

You can grab this free UWP game in the Store here.

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