Windows 10 Mobile (UWP) IRC clients

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I've been asked to feature the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) clients for Windows 10 phones, so here goes. I've never really used IRC in my life, the last time would have been in the early 2000s, and I'd no idea that it was still a 'thing', but it clearly has its fans, so here goes, looking just at UWP applications for the modern OS.


From the Store description:

Foo IRC is a full-featured IRC client, the first client released for the Windows Store. Foo IRC provides a tablet friendly, simple interface with plenty of features and options for customizability in a tiny package. Supports IRC natively or via IRCCloud.


This is regularly updated and a full UWP app for Windows 10. The developer comments: "we aimed to bring all of the power traditionally just found in desktop x86 IRC clients (like scripting and proxying) to UWP. And we've aimed beyond the traditional IRC client by adding helpful features (like Rules, script debugging, IRCCloud support) which you'll have trouble finding anywhere else."

So this is probably your first stop for IRC, get past the initial £1.29 purchase price, it's trivial.

xoChat (UWP)

From the Store description:

An IRC client designed for Windows 10 and an always-on connection, xoChat helps you stay connected to your friends with your PC, tablet, phone, and more. It can adapt itself to any screen size and any device, so you can chat with ease anytime. If your device has full support for Modern Standby in Windows 10, you'll be able to stay connected even when the app is closed and the device is asleep.


Another full on UWP application for phone, tablet and desktop, xoChat does proclaim itself to be 'beta' and that more features are 'coming soon', but it's free and also well worth checking out.


From the Store description

WinIRC has a number of great features that make chatting on irc easier, including:

  •  Inline media viewing: Images, youtube videos and tweets can be viewed inline without leaving the client!
  •  Taskbar jumplists: right click on the app in the start menu to quickly access your saved servers!
  •  Rich notifications: reply to PMs and in-channel mentions from a notification!

Our client also has the essentials needed for basic chatting, including:

  •  Connecting to IRC Servers
  •  Joining and Leaving channels
  •  messaging users with /query
  •  basic channel moderation
  •  Tab completion of usernames


Also free, this looks perhaps more unfinished than the other two titles. But hey, check out the FCU Fluent Design and transparency!


None of this is an attempt at a review, but it was worthwhile highlighting that a) IRC is still used, and b) there are no less than three actively developed UWP clients. Who knew!?!