The Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro on sale, £126 off in the UK Store

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The Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro has been the only brand new Windows 10 Mobile smartphone in the world (this year) until the Wileyfox Pro showed up. But it's still highly desirable if you're invested in the Windows 10 (and Windows Phone) ecosystem, has stereo speakers to die for, and.... is now on significant offer at Microsoft's UK Store. £126 off, bringing the price down to £294 inc VAT. Snap this one up if you've been on the fence, etc, after reading my review parts.

Here's the proof, from the main order page:


There's no mention of how long the offer is on for, but there's no deadline given, so maybe it'll be there for a while? I did look on some other MS sites, but the IDOL 4 Pro seems full priced there, etc.

Comments welcome. Will you snap this one up?

Source / Credit: Microsoft