Official Daily Mail Online UWP app gets sub-channels, extra pinning, and much more

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The Daily Mail's UWP application continues to improve, with regular (monthly?) updates. It's been a year since it first appeared, reported on here. I've attempted a rough changelog of what's new since then, though bear in mind that quite a bit has been changing on the back end (i.e. the Daily Mail's content servers), so it's tough to be 100% accurate here. Anyway, if you're in the mood for a bit of a tabloid read in a coffee break, then look no further on your Windows 10 phone, tablet or laptop.

Some of the changes (for v2.5.3.0) then since the Daily Mail Online UWP app appeared:

  • Simplified (non swipeable view) option
  • Make tiles chaseable by default
  • Rework background tasks to make tile updates reliable
  • Add support for video channel and video content in channel
  • Add support for sub channels
  • Support football teams under sport > football
  • Pin channel and sub channels to start menu
  • Xbox TV friendly content
  • Ability to hide unwanted channels
  • Display photo gallery and video player within original window rather than creating a new window
  • Fix null reference exception causing crash in offline mode
  • Disable optional image preload
  • Added Xbox detection and prompted the user to use the Xbox companion app
  • Improvements to image caching
  • Enabled the updating of profile fields

Some screens of the Daily Mail Online UWP in action today:


A tabbed interface, with smooth flowing content and stories beneath; (right) tapping photos leads to photo and video galleries, as seen here...


The tabs are scrollable sideways, so just find the section you're interested in and there's all the content. It's very well done, and all seen here with the 'Dark' theme enabled on my AMOLED-screened IDOL 4 Pro; (right) plenty more to fiddle with in Settings, in terms of how much happens in the background and how content gets fetched.

Whatever you might think of the Daily Mail's politics and tabloid tendencies (on its front pages at least), full credit to the newspaper for funding an excellent Windows 10 UWP application - the interface works superbly on phone, Continuum or Desktop screens. Here's the application in action, for example, on my Surface Pro hybrid:


You can grab or update the Daily Mail Online UWP app here in the Store.

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