Romance with Chocolate - Hidden Objects Love Story UWP

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A slightly cumbersome title, 'Romance with Chocolate - Hidden Objects Love Story' for this UWP game for Windows 10, though the game itself dates from a year or so ago on iOS and Android and there are signs here and there that it's been adapted from other platforms in terms of graphics quality. Plus a bug or two, but hey, it's a full and free UWP game and deserves a mention.

From the Store description:

New Hidden Object adventure from the creators of Time Trap HdO. Immerse yourself in a romantic story with its roots in the 18th century. Any object you’ll find can be a hint.

The game is TRULY FREE: you can download it for free and unlock every scene with no in-game purchases.

Guide a North American girl and a Frenchman through beautiful historic Parisian locales, putting together pieces of the detective puzzle as your proceed. Trips to real attractions in the city of love: Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, Pont des Arts, and the Louvre Museum. At the end of the game you along with the other heroes will be able to re-invent the ancient chocolate recipe, which has been kept secret for more than 3 centuries.

Here's the game in action:


Each level has different objectives - the first is a matching pairs game, effectively, finding semi-hidden matches. The cat icon launches the rechargeable 'hint' system, highlighting the next thing to find...


Replay levels to find more objects, etc. But you can't go tap crazy, tapping at random quickly, as this incurs a big 2000 point penalty.


Swiping through the available puzzles/levels...


As with all hidden object games, there's a cinematic introduction, though quality here looks degraded due to the port from other platforms. Or perhaps the developer was going for 'retro' here?


In the second (street) puzzle, finding hidden objects as required by the panel at the bottom. Unfortunately, at least on my test phone (IDOL 4 Pro), the 'Select an object' pop-up refused to be dismissed, obscuring part of the scrollable picture field. A bug, obviously. Maybe the game works more reliably on a Lumia?


The in-app-purchases are very reasonable. You WILL need the hints too, as some of the objects are VERY well hidden, with just a few pixels peeking out!!

You can grab Romance with Chocolate - Hidden Objects Love Story UWP in the Store here, it's a free download and free to play though you'll progress faster if you buy extra hints and skips through the thankfully small in-app-purchases, it's up to you!

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