'Augmented Virtuality' - Heligons VR/AR more a tech demo?

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We've seen occasional AR and VR shooting games for over a decade now in the smartphone world and none has yet to really hit the mainstream, yet the idea is definitely 'there'. With Heligons VR/AR, there's yet again the idea of placing the phone on (or in front of) your head and whirling around like a dervish, shooting imaginary incoming winged nasties, while those around you wonder what the heck you're up to...

From the Store description:

Gyroscopic Control, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Augmented Virtuality

  • Immersive Gyroscopic Control to shoot Heligons
  • Check out who is Best Shooter among your friends with Local Multiplayer
  • Feel presence of Heligons in your room, office, streets, stations, etc with Augmented Reality
  • Record Amazing Memorable Game plays and Share on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Everplay
  • Compete with world and make way to the Top of Leaderboards

The four distinct modes each have their own use cases, though the core game is essentially the same, pointing your phone/head and shooting down as many winged enemies as possible in a minute:


The opening menu, working for both touch and VR/AR - it's nicely done, even though the underlying game is bare bones. A great demo for the company's services and expertise though!


Playing in VR mode in a headset, so stereoscopic sight, split across the smartphone display. Just move, watch the dot/reticule and try to knock the winged nasties out of the sky...


Here in AR mode, overlaying the targets on my bedroom! The game is harder than it looks, but fun despite the lack of gameplay sophistication.

As noted in the Store, the more RAM the better for AR and VR. I'd recommend a Lumia 950 or above (so Elite x3 or Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro) for smoothest results.

There's a video run through of the game in Augmented Reality mode below:

You can grab Heligons VR/AR for Windows 10 Mobile here in the Store.

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