Lumia 1020 against the best of 2018 - can it compete?

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Juan Bagnell, over on his YouTube channel, has been looking back.... to 2013 and the Lumia 1020. He normally reviews the latest Android camera flagships, but in the video embedded below he pits the classic Lumia 1020 against the latest Huawei monster. Suffice it to say that the 1020 holds its own very well indeed, despite almost five years of tech evolution. In terms of classy images anyway - of course it's knocked sideways for focussing and processing speed.

Well worth a watch anyway, for anyone like me who still has a soft spot for the classic Lumia 1020. And... his is BLACK. In the UK, those were reserved for O2 and I never got to own one!

Comments? Is it just me who instinctively reaches over for my 1020 and gives it a caress at this point?