Mini-review: Tiltagon - fast and furious

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Casual games have always been a favourite genre of mine. Something to while away a few minutes in a queue or waiting for family, etc. Tiltagon boasts typical game times of less than a minute, yet requires extreme skill. No two games are ever the same, so you're kept on the razer's edge from second to second. You also need perfect hand eye coordination, so maybe this isn't one for a bumpy train or bus ride!

From the Store description:

Tilt. Fall. Repeat.

Tiltagon is a hard arcade game where you tilt and fall. Many times. Sometimes you also explode.

• Tilt your phone or tablet to stay alive

• 2 difficulty modes

• Play in both portrait and landscape modes

• Awesome minimalistic art style

• Energetic soundtrack from top Finnish EDM artists

Absolutely as advertised. And the two modes are 'Hard' and, wait for it..... 'Harder'! You tilt your phone to manoeuvre the ball from hexagon to hexagon - these appear and then often disappear, on cue as you collect each one's small 'target' cube. 

It's fluid, fast, and with the aforementioned thumping techno soundtrack. 

Screenshot, TiltagonScreenshot, Tiltagon

That my 'best' is only 4 hexagons after 20 minutes of trying is telling - this game is HARD, mainly because of the random nature and unpredictability. Typically, you'd unlock the next hexagon by collecting the previous target, but you never know on which side it will appear and then quite often the hexagon you're currently on will suddenly fade away! And then you have to factor in roving bot hexagons which constantly try to block you and knock you off into oblivion...

Screenshot, TiltagonScreenshot, Tiltagon

The levels/hexagons shift in colour, constantly adding variety, while the hexagons themselves start arriving with extra hazards, such as convex surfaces and hollow centres. Easy this ain't...

You can grab this free in the Store here, for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. You can remove the banner ads on the starting pane with a small $1 in-app-purchase. Go on, encourage the developer, this is a cracking little title.

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