Mini-review: ReddPlanet UWP (Reddit)

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Reddit is the place for text discussions about what's hot in your head and on the Internet at large - it's a huge site and with millions of chats, so what you really need is a good client. In the absence of an official one (which is fair enough, Reddit is primarily 'just' a web site), there are a number of third party applications, with ReddPlanet being brand new and very polished. Here's a quick look.

Here's ReddPlanet in action on my Lumia 950:

Screenshot, ReddPlanet RedditScreenshot, ReddPlanet Reddit

Reddit's front page, here are the stories and chats that have been voted up the most - always something interesting. This is a full UWP application, of course, and also works in landscape mode, on a Continuum display, and on desktops and laptops; (right) the hamburger menu incorporates both major site sections and also profile and Settings shortcuts inside ReddPlanet UWP itself. It's very well programmed, quick and clear.

Screenshot, ReddPlanet RedditScreenshot, ReddPlanet Reddit

There's quite a bit on any subject under the sun - including Windows 10 Mobile, it seems. Here I'm looking at relevant topics posted in a sub-reddit. Note the search, post, voting and refresh tools on the bottom toolbar...

Screenshot, ReddPlanet RedditScreenshot, ReddPlanet Reddit

Reading through a longish sub-reddit thread, the core sharing mechanism is around web pages, so links open in a web instance within ReddPlanet, though you can also then open the same link in (e.g.) Edge. It's flexible and quick.

Highly recommended if you're a Reddit user. You can grab ReddPlanet UWP here in the Store for phone or other Windows 10 devices.

(via MyAppFree - great little app to keep installed on your W10M phone!)

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