'Share me Files' UWP a 'one click' file share utility

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The developer of PDF Conversion Tool has been in touch - they have a new tool, designed to help people share files without doing a dance through OneDrive or Dropbox or similar. See below for details. Comments welcome - do you need such a tool, would it come in handy? The 'one click' interface isn't quite that, but it's certainly an easy way to share files semi-anonymously.

From the Store description:

Easily and quickly send your files to other users without any registration. Just upload file and send a link or key to recipient, that's all, you can do it simply in one click. Main idea of application is to provide for users fast and easy sharing tool, therefore files can be stored only for a limited time. Application provides upload options which are easy to customize 

You can effortlessly share files between your devices and platforms(Windows, IOS, Android, etc.), give access to the file by sending link or key to your customers, users and friends.

  • Share files;
  • No registration needed
  • Protect file with password
  • Function of deleting file right after downloading
  • Customizate storage period
  • Function of notifiing of the recipient about the uploaded file(by e-mail)
  • Download file through the application with help of key
  • Download file by the direct link
  • Send any type of file up to 1GB
  • There are no limits on how much you can send

Some screens of this in action on my Lumia 950 under Windows 10 Mobile (it also runs on desktop etc, of course), starting with the obligatory - and welcome - intro slides:



Very nicely done, almost a tutorial in its own right... The interface is subtly different on different sized device screens, so I like that this sticks to the ideas rather than physical UIs...


So I've selected and then am uploading a large file. Note the option to set how long it stays available, to limit it to a single download (i.e. to the intended recipient), and to password-protect it...


Once uploaded, you get an easily copied and shared key/link; (right) the application keeps a log of what you've uploaded and shared recently, letting you share again easily using the icon on the right.

Nicely done, though some of the control icons seemed too faint under Windows 10 Mobile - I thougt them greyed out at first. Make them full contrast, please, developers!

You can grab this for free here in the Store. The in-app-purchase is a couple of quid and gets rid of the ads, which is absolutely fair enough - there's a server and bandwidth to be paid for at the developer's end, after all!

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