Mini-review: Money Lover - Money Manager UWP

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Well, you know what they say about the love of money - root of all evil, etc. I couldn't comment on that, but I'd say that money management is a peculiar app genre on all mobile platforms and always has been. 99% of people (including me) kind of think that obsessive logging of every transaction means that you spend more time managing your money than actually getting on with your life. Law of diminishing returns in terms of time and money, etc.

Anyway, enough of my moaning, this is a newish UWP application that looks promising if you are part of the 1% that absolutely insist on being on top of your finances.

From the Store description for Money Lover - Money Manager:


Keep track of your expense, income, debt, bill and payment with few taps on screen. It's quick, simple.  You will better understand where your money comes and goes with easy-to-read reports such as: total expense, income, spending by category or bill needs to be paid. 


Looking for a powerful budgeting app? With Money Lover, you can easily plan budget for your expense. More than that, the app can predict future spending based on your history, then give you advice on how to spend on budget. 


Link Money Lover to bank accounts and get updates. It helps you update account balance and your expense, income from bank accounts automatically. See all bank accounts report in one place, and better control your money. 

Country supported: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India & USA

Other features: 

  • Recurring transaction: Set up recurring transactions and bill. Get notification before due date. 
  • Saving Planner: Set up saving goals and keep track your progress to save more money up. 
  • Debt: Track your debts and loans and payment & debt collection. 
  • Multiple currency and account supported.
  • Built-in calculator 

You can access to your data, track your money and view your budget, saving from any device you login thank to Cloud Syncing. We will store your data in one secure place. 

Here's a bit of a walkthrough of the interface:


An impressive choice of currencies and languages are offered when you first start this up....


And the developers have implemented a proper server and sign-in, so that your finances are available on all Windows 10 devices, as you require.


There's a pleasing Windows 10 style UI - it's been custom rolled to a degree, but you'll get the idea. And a nice use of colours throughout. Note the first of several bugs found - one of my balance entries is shown in dollars! 


As with other money and expense managers, each transaction is categorised and entered as you go, with the software hopefully keeping track; (right) there's a 'beta' facility to scan in receipts, for future use, though there's no attempt to OCR them or tie them to a transaction.


Ah yes, another bug - note the £8.23 and not £18.23, as entered. Oh well, I'm sure the developers are on it... (right) server space and bandwidth are expensive, so the receipt scanning system requires you to pay extra for upload credits. Which is fair enough.

You can grab this for free here in the Store. It has annoying ads and some limits though, with £4 getting you the premium version, giving you unlimited accounts and data export, in addition to there being no adverts.

The sceptic in me thinks that it's a bad idea to let a third party link through to my actual bank account, and thankfully this isn't offered in the UK so I couldn't try it if I wanted to, but I'd urge caution and using the app for a few months before you go all the way with Money Lover - Money Manager's end-to-end system.

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