Where and when? Earthquake Watch UWP

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One might think from the sources used that Earthquake Watch UWP is somewhat localised, but in fact there's plenty of earthquake reporting from all over the globe. With a natural focus on areas for which earthquakes are a fact of daily life. Turkey is badly hit recently, it seems, for example. This is nicely presented, although ultimate lacking in depth (unlike the earthquakes - see what I did there?) and also - rather unforgiveably - lacking a dark theme.

From the Store description:

Get information of the latest earthquakes from the US, Chilean and Mexican seismologic national services. Sources:

  • World: USGS, the US Geological Survey
  • Chile: Centro Sismológico Nacional de la Universidad de Chile
  • Mexico: Servicio Sismológico Nacional

Here's the UWP app in action:


A summary, sorted by time of quake and by distance from my current location. Nothing too close, though didn't Wales have a quake recently? The UI is clean, though bright, and a dive into 'Preferences' (right) doesn't offer a dark theme, which is a shame.


Tapping on an earthquake report gives a map and some basic data, though anything more detailed requires tapping on the Web control and heading to the source on the wider Internet (in Edge).


The app works in landscape, as you'd expect from a good UWP application for Windows 10, but - as often happens - things are optimised more for portrait. Still, you can always plug your phone into a Continuum display, right?

You can grab Earthquake Watch UWP for free in the Store here. It's ad-supported, but you can pay £1.49 (at UK prices) to get rid of these if you like.

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