How to: revert your SMS back from Skype to Messaging

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It's all very well having Skype take over handling your SMS (text) messages, in addition to normal Skype IM duties - it's what Microsoft wants to happen, positioning Skype as your all-in-one messaging tool, but it's undeniably overkill for displaying 140 characters of plain text and it's certainly not quick or snappy. Here's how to switch things back to using the older (and simpler) Messaging.

Skype UWP is getting better - it's true. But it's still not quick to get in and out, just to read a simple SMS text. To stop it being your SMS handler, here's what to do:


In fairness, both these screens are redundant, since we're heading to a system Setting, but I thought I'd show that you can get there in several ways. Here I'm using the '...' Settings menu option in Skype UWP itself, then swipe down to the 'SMS' section and 'Change default SMS application'.


This takes you to Settings/System/Messaging, and it's here that you'll be able to swipe down (again), this time to find the 'Default apps' section and then pick 'Microsoft Messaging' as your 'Messaging app'. Done.

Interestingly, having done this, if you go back and peruse Skype's settings, you'll see that most mentions of SMS have gone, even in its Settings. 

So... fairly trivial to do, but I thought it worth documenting, should you too get frustrated that Skype is now taking over your text messages!