Critical Strike Universal free for another two weeks

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FPS (First Person Shooter) games are perennially popular - yes, even in these gun-wary days - and here's a new UWP game that offers the chance to race around mazes battling other AI and human players. It's not entirely clear as to the size of the game pool for players, but it seemed fun and smooth to me. I died long before I could get very far, but maybe you'll have better multi-touch control skills!

From the Store description:

Simplest and Fairest FPS Shooting Game.

New Player will get a Machine Gun, a Restore Card and a Recruit Gem.

  • FPS Multi-Player Online Game
  • Pick up your guns
  • Go to fight with your little buddies 

Here's Critical Strike Universal in action:


Getting going - and signs (graphics, fonts) that this is a port from other platforms...


Looks like this is primarily a Chinese multi-player FPS, which sounds about right given the 'manga' styling of the players. It's fully playable in English too, though.


On the prowl. The UI is centred around the directional walk control, on the left, while you rotate left, right, up and down by swiping in the viewfinder. Then you have various moves and weapons to pull off or launch under your right thumb.


Another bad guy down - it's all a question of being aware of where others are and waiting for the right moment to strike...


There are currently three game servers online...


Up close with a bad guy and about to deliver the coup de grace...

You can grab this free in the Store here. Until the end of March anyway, after which it goes up to £4 or so. Allegedly.

Comments welcome if you get further than I did without being killed. Is the game any good, and are there freemium extras that you'll need to pay for?

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