'6tum - True Tumblr Client' (UWP)

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Tumblr is a blogging platform that has had surprisingly long legs - its content is... quirky, on the whole, and thankfully there's a decent enough API that various third party clients have grown up. Even under Windows 10 Mobile, with 6tum being the latest available, a UWP app for all Windows 10 devices (though on the desktop I daresay everyone will just use Edge or Chrome?)

From the Store description:

The most beautiful Tumblr third-party app for Windows 10 mobile

Clean, fast and friendly UI with mostly full features

  • Explore all beautiful blogs from the world.
  • Upload videos, photos
  • Create quotes, chats
  • Reblog, Like posts
  • Manage your blogs...

Just explore all of them with 6tum!

Some screens of 6tum UWP in action:

Screenshot, 6tumScreenshot, 6tum

Logging in with my Tumblr account and (right) browsing content from users I follow...

Screenshot, 6tumScreenshot, 6tum

Content is very mixed - text, GIFs, videos, and more - anything that someone cares to share; (right) the main account and settings pane (from the control, bottom right)

Screenshot, 6tumScreenshot, 6tum

The main hamburger menu (oddly, top right), acting as a filter on what gets shown - choose your content type, etc. (right) in the Settings, there's a full on Dark theme, good to see. Also the ability to hide adult content.

You can grab this here in the Store. Removing the banner ads (more or less essential in this case) is a pound or so as an IAP on your Microsoft account.

Source / Credit: Store