Remembering the Lumia 1020...

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Juan Bagnell has long been a fan of the Lumia 1020, despite covering every camera phone since, mainly on other platforms. But I thought his new PocketNow video worth linking to and embedding, since he eulogises the innovation from Nokia on the 1020 (though without a 808 reference, sadly) and wonders whether we might see something similar make a resurgence under Android.

As usual, maximise the playback window or click through to YouTube for full quality:

The real innovation here was done in the 2012 Nokia 808 PureView, I'd argue, but the 2013 Lumia 1020 was certainly a step forward in some ways, including the use of basic OIS for low light shots.

What about you? Could a 1020-like sensor and PureView concept make sense in 2018?

Source / Credit: Youtube