Microsoft To-Do UWP adds steps

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Microsoft's To-Do UWP app, syncing through the cloud to To-Do on all other devices and platforms, has been updated yet again. Last covered here in October 2017, when sync got much more reliable, most of the fortnightly updates in the Store have been bug fixes, but today's adds a new feature: steps inside to-dos.

Essentially, complicated to-dos can be broken down into individual steps, each of which can be checked off as they're done. See my example here:


Here I have a new to-do item, working in the garden to rebuild our rockery. And within this to-do, keeping the steps together, are some of the actions and milestones. Each of these can be individually checked off as you go.

A nice little addition, it seems that Microsoft To-Do is getting closer and closer to a rudimentary project manager, at least for home use. Next up should be adding live tile support - I can't believe that this isn't in already, after so many months!! Comments?

You can grab Microsoft To-Do here in the Store, if you haven't already.

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