A dozen smartphone 'hot potatoes'

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Debates over spec points and bumps have raged since the dawn of the smartphone age (2000-ish) and they show no sign of letting up. But where would I draw the line in 2018, what's more or less essential and what doesn't matter? I tackle a dozen smartphone 'hot potatoes' in my latest (platform-agnostic!) Phones Show video, so I thought it worth highlighting here and embedding below.

As usual with embedded videos, either maximise in place or click through to the full 1080p experience, if you like, and according to your browser and platform:

In case you're wondering what the 12 are and haven't got time to watch the video (hey, it's only 12 minutes!), here they are in the presented reverse order and with comments relevant to the AAWP world, i.e. Lumie 950 range and the IDOL 4 Pro:

12. USB Type C hook-ups - covered

11. Fast and Qi charging - covered (PD and Qi on the 950 range, Quick Charge 3.0 on the IDOL 4 Pro)

10. NFC and 5GHz Wifi - covered (no NFC on the IDOL 4 Pro, though it's moot as there's no tap-to-pay system on Windows 10!), yes to faster Wifi

9. Card expansion - covered

8. Stereo speakers - covered on the IDOL 4 Pro

7. Waterproofing - not present on any Windows 10 phone other than the industry-focussed Elite x3. A big deal? Maybe. The 950 comes apart easily though, so it's hard to wreck even with total immersion

6. QHD and higher resolution - my video conclusion was that 1080p was the sweet spot, so covered here on both phones

5. AMOLED versus LCD - covered, and I haven't noticed any burn-in or degradation on recent Windows 10 AMOLED screens

4. 2:1 screens - not present, everything Windows 10 Mobile is 16:9. A big deal?

3. Biometrics - covered, fingerprint on the IDOL 4 Pro and iris recognition on the Lumia 950 range

2. Notched displays - not present, obviously

1. 3.5mm audio jack - oh yes, essential equipment, of course(!)

Do watch the full video though, if you have time, since I go into persuasive detail - I hope!

Source / Credit: Youtube