Cockatilt is a terrific physics-based puzzler

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Physics-based, level-based casual games are always fun, on any platform. Perfect for knocking out a level or two in a tea-break, etc. Cockatilt is a new (cross-platform) game for Windows Phone 8.1 and above, in which an initial roll or swipe is all it takes to try out a level and approach, taking Fritter the cockatiel down to her food bowl.

From the Store description:

Fritter the cockatiel has grown so fat that she can no longer fly or climb over to her bowl full of nummy seeds. Roll the bird along perches and down ladders to drop her safely into her food bowl. Don't forget to reward her with any tasty snacks that might be lying around along the way... the fight against gravity is hard work!

And watch out for Fritter's cage mate, Dumpling. When he's around he'll try to hog all the food for himself!

Cockatilt contains 42 levels of gravity based physics puzzles with no pesky in-game advertisements or micro-transactions. Collect all of the snacks in every level to unlock a silly new way to play.

High scores for the different types of snacks are kept separate. So play the levels over again till you can get all the different types for a variety of solutions!

Here's the game in action:

Screenshot, CockatiltScreenshot, Cockatilt

42 levels, to be worked through - and if you collect enough fruit on the way then you (apparently) get a bonus mode; (right) a typical easy level. You get one swipe on Fritter in any direction and with any velocity - and then you sit back and watch the results, trying again if needed. Gravity does the rest, with rolling and falling.

Screenshot, CockatiltScreenshot, Cockatilt

It turns out that it's quite hard to work out a way to capture all the fruit and still make it to the food bowl. Oh well, that's something for Cockatilt completists; (right) as the levels progress, both moveable tilting platforms are available, plus there's 'Dumpling' to contend with, adding a time-based element to your bird's trajectory and plans.

You cab grab this game here in the Store. It's free for the next 24 hours or so (thanks MyAppFree) and thereafter it's 0.79p. 

PS. This game started on Kickstarter, and the original promo video is still available, if you're interested:

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