Go on, guess what Comic Show UWP does...

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Yes, it shows comics - well, electronic (DRM-free) ones anyway. Reading comics on your phone or tablet is apparently a thing - I guess there's nothing to get dog-eared and there's no storage problem, at least? This is a full UWP application and works on any Windows 10 device, from phone to tablet to laptop.

From the Store description:

Comic Show is the ultimate must have tool to read, manage and organize your comic book archives this incredible app will leave you addicted with its simplicity and smoothness.

  • Sync bookmarks
  • Rich contrast effect 
  • Manga reading mode
  • Transfer digital comic files through WiFi via Air Transfery integration 
  • Save bookmarks of your favorite pages. 
  • Continue reading from where you left. 
  • Capture pages to your camera roll. 
  • Easy to create collections
  • Easy to delete already readed files

I gave it a try with a DRM-free file - the accepted formats are .cbz and .cbr:

Screenshot, Comic ShowScreenshot, Comic Show

There are options to fiddle with below, plus (here) app settings, including RAM optimisation for lower specced phones; (right) time to get reading!

Screenshot, Comic ShowScreenshot, Comic Show

Swipe for the next page, as you'd expect, then double tap (right) to get all these options, all of which make a potentially big difference. Zoom (bottom) is probably the most important, since comics can be hard to read on small phone screens!

It's hard to complain, this commercial app is well written and there will be a way to display just about any comic archive you come across. I'd have liked to have seen a simple multi-page public domain comic included in the initial trial bundle, to get the user off to a good start. You can buy this in the Store here (just over £1) or use the trial (as I did).

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