AirBNB upgrades to a Edge friendly PWA

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While it's possibly too early to call PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) 'apps' in the traditional sense, in that they're mostly not in the Store (yet), it's well worth noting how many Internet services are popping up PWAs on their main URLs. In this case AirBNB, which works really well under Edge on Windows 10 Mobile. And then you pin it, or use something like PAWA to package it without the URL bar at all. Etc.

No cryptic URL here, just, with the results here:


Note the hamburger menu control top-left. Most content is HTML, of course...


... but the menu, animated panes, pick lists, and more reveal this to be a PWA and very usable indeed in Edge on Windows 10 Mobile.

Give it a try at, and comments welcome. How do you organise your PWA apps/URLs? Tips welcome!