Quick videos: What's new in Windows 10 'April 2018 Update'

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Even though Windows 10 Mobile got frozen at the 'Redstone 3-ish' 'feature2' branch, Windows 10 on the Desktop, i.e. for x86 and modern ARM chipsets, continues to advance.  This week sees the rollout of Redstone 4, now officially dubbed (boringly) the 'April 2018 Update'. Although there's lots new and tweaked under the hood, the main four user facing features are demoed below by official Microsoft mini-video-tutorials. Worth a quick watch if you want to be up to date.

Microsoft's YouTube channel has the videos. Dictation is something we've had on Windows 10 Mobile for ages, of course, but it's now more fully integrated into Windows 10 on the Desktop:

Then there's the Edge browser, with reading and usability improvements for the Desktop and larger screens:

Timeline is something we've been seeing talked about for the Desktop for a year now and it's finally here, letting you browse back in time through documents and web pages that you've had open:

Finally, 'Quiet hours' just got itself renamed (slightly confusingly) for the Desktop, with 'Focus Assist':

Of course, a lot of what Microsoft has been putting into Windows over the last year has been expressly for larger screens, think Surface Pro, Surface Laptop and compatibles, though I can't help but wish that Edge had had more development for Windows 10 Mobile before the branch freeze at 'feature2_rs3'. Oh well.

In other news, a week today is 'Patch Tuesday' and we're expecting new builds and fixes for all Windows 10 Mobile phones on Creators Update (Redstone 2) or Fall Creators Update (Redstone 3) - this is the vast majority of smartphones  used by AAWP readers, so I'll certainly cover that in detail. It will also be the first time that the new Wileyfox Pro has Fall Creators Update officially - watch this space for more on this.

Source / Credit: YouTube