Imgur4Windows UWP a good client, but ultimately limited by APIs

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Imgur is one of the original image sharing communities online and distinctly 'wild west' when compared to the likes of Flickr and Facebook - but it's good to see this UWP client for Windows 10 as a much friendlier front end (certainly for mobile) than using the site via the Edge browser.

From the Store description:

A cool client for imgur on Windows 10 devices. With this app you can browse all pictures (animated ones included !) posted by the imgur community with their associated comments and share yours!

You can also connect the app to your imgur account and : 

  • Share pictures with the community
  • Up vote, down vote and favorite galleries
  • Post comment and reply to comments
  • Show your notifications

Here's a walkthrough of some of Imgur4Windows UWP's basics:

Screenshot, Imgur4Windows UWPScreenshot, Imgur4Windows UWP

At its most basic, just a stream of user-submitted photos, graphics and memes; (right) the hamburger menu - there are no banner ads, so the in-app-purchase here is to buy the developer a beer - and why not?(!)

Screenshot, Imgur4Windows UWPScreenshot, Imgur4Windows UWP

The 'Topics' area uses tagging to present images along certain themes - a good start for a casual browse! (right) extensive settings and preferences to fiddle with...

Screenshot, Imgur4Windows UWPScreenshot, Imgur4Windows UWP

Uploading your own images is trivial, you don't even need to be signed in - opening the door for anonymous uploads? By default, all uploads are private - until you flick the switch.

Screenshot, Imgur4Windows UWPScreenshot, Imgur4Windows UWP

Four different ways to authenticate and log in, five if you include an old dedicated Imgur username/password pair; (right) the Achilles heel here is Imgur's own API limits - 12,500 image requests per day - from everyone with this application. You're fine most of the time, but as more people start to use it then you'll all start to see lock-outs.

You can grab Imgur4Windows UWP here in the Store. Go on, buy the developer a beer too, while you're trying it!

Source / Credit: Microsoft Store