Audictive Music Preview UWP is beta and buggy

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With a distinctly 'beta' title and admitting such in the Store description, Audictive Music Preview UWP is little more than a third party music-playing framework at the moment. See below for some notes and loads of caveats.

Before even looking at the screenshots, you should know that this third party music player is early in development:

  • cover art grabbing is very patchy (some work, some don't)
  • track ordering is hit and miss (again, some albums work, some are alphabetical, some are random!)

A valid question would be 'Why does this exist, given that Groove Music comes built-in?' and I haven't really got an answer at the moment - in theory, grabbing missing artwork might be enough, but without this working properly Auductive is merely an interesting project.


All very slick and with the theme automatically picked from the system, plus (right) simple UI and nice circular artist art... (and no, there's not that much music on the test phone at the moment!)


Unfortunately, the glitches come  thick and fast - album art that's simply not retrieved (how hard can it be to get art for 'Dark side of the moon', the single most iconic album cover in the history of music??!) and (right) tracks the sometimes display in alpha order and not the right track order.

You can grab this here in the Store, though do get involved via the 'Contact support' email shortcut on the main menu - this app badly needs as much real world user feedback as it can get!

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