Microsoft BUILD 2018 keynote: the live stream is here.

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OK, so news about Windows 10 Mobile is unlikely(!), other than news that branch updates to Windows 10 are still coming out monthly. But anyone heavily invested in the Windows world might want to pay attention to BUILD 2018, which is starting in about half an hour as I write this Flow story. And I've embedded the livestream below, for your interest and convenience.

Expect more on machine learning and intelligent cloud services, yada yada. Microsoft's bread and butter is in this area these days. Along with Office 365, of course, which Windows 10 Mobile can leverage, along with other phone platforms.

The $60,000 question is whether there will be much on 'Andromeda', clues as to a folding, transforming Surface Mobile product. My guess is that there will plenty for developers on handling device screens which change shape and size, preparing the way for an Autumn hardware launch. Maybe a few glimpses at working prototypes during BUILD?

Source / Credit: Microsoft