ScoreBall UWP brings basketball scoring to Windows 10

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I won't pretend to appreciate the finer points of basketball, but there are, it seems, various ways to score and time matches, depending on which league/system is being played. Happily, this new UWP app can cope with any system, even with a custom section for inputting the match parameters your local team is playing to. The idea here is, I think, that you're the main scorer and I can imagine a Continuum feed from this app on a phone out to a much larger Windows display, for spectators to see...

From the brief Store description:

The first basketball scoreboard for the Windows 10 platform (UWP) - Made by the community, for the community. Fully FREE and Open Source on GitHub

The interface is fairly self explanatory and all on one pane - just tap and count and time as needed:


All open source and with presets for numerous basketball scoring systems already in place...


In use, you set a game going and then follow along with the referee's timings - or maybe they follow yours if it's a small game and you're in charge? Neon-esque readouts and clear controls make scoring a game easy, though I'd want as big a touchscreen as possible, to make things less fiddly. Maybe an Elite x3 or 950 XL or a Windows 10 tablet/hybrid?

I won't pretend to have used this app right, as to when to tap on this timer or that score control, but it seems to be fully working to me. You can grab this in the Store here. There are a few (legacy?) ads in the interface, but few and far between and, as the app matures, hopefully these will disappear altogether...

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