Findery PWA a decent escape for the armchair traveller

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Findery is a cross-platform travel notes service, collecting location-based wisdom from travellers everywhere. And when I say cross-platform, it's available for Windows 10 too, as evidenced by the nice UWP-wrapped PWA application shown below.

Admittedly, the iOS and Android versions have slightly more bells and whistles, but the core of Findery is the same on each. From the Store description:

Think of Findery as the treasure map of your world. Leave 'notes' about the places you've been, share stories that happened in spots you love, and start collecting locations you dream of visiting. Discover the world through stories and photos shared by others.

Download the Findery App today and start exploring the world.

What you can do on Findery:

DISCOVER NEW PLACESFind new places from local tips, recommendations, and personal stories left by Findery users from around the world.

PLOT YOUR STORIESLeave notes about the places you’ll never forget and the places you want to share. It’s easy.  Simply snap a photo, write a story about a place you love, and place it on the map -- then share your story with the world or send it to a friend.  

CREATE YOUR TRAVEL BUCKET LISTCollect and create notes about the places you want to explore. Want to plan your dream vacation to Bali? Start collecting beautiful places to visit in your I Want To Go Here notemap!

The only thing better than experiencing a new place is dreaming of new destinations. Let us take you there on Findery, where every place has a story.

The content is clearly 99% web site, with a basic top bar and menu system crowbarred on in javascript. It's not clear whether this is classed as a PWA or whether some subtle variation should be used in describing it, e.g. UWP web wrapper, but the result is the same:


A simple initial choice - stuff around you or stuff around the world; (right) a basic hamburger menu in javascript and here looking at one of the Findery entries around me - a review of a cricket match and venue!


When browsing the world it's often according to pre-selected cities and regions, then drilling down as needed. Unless I'm missing something, there's no search facility.


Browsing more individual Findery entries, one near me and one in the USA!

You can grab this in the Store here. Findery isn't overwhelming in its PWA form here, but at least it exists and is maintained (and might get better). Comments welcome.

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