News round-up from Build 2018

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Now, Rafe and I weren't at Microsoft Build 2018, of course - there's precious little there that's directly relevant to Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, and there were only a few teases of Andromeda and future devices - but what Microsoft announced is still interesting across the wider ecosystem, I believe. Thankfully, Dan and Zac from Windows Central have done a short video summary of what you need to know and, thankfully, they've filtered out the hours and hours of Nadella wittering on and on about the cloud, Azure, machine learning and the 'intelligent edge', and they concentrate instead on changes that actually matter to you and I, Windows users.

So here goes:

Nicely done guys. Back in the day, Windows Central (or 'WPCentral') was our great rival, but they've gone all in on the wider Windows and Microsoft world, not least because they have a larger staff to keep busy, while we've chosen to stick to Windows on phones, AAWP being something of a part time activity for Rafe and I! Anyway, the two sites aren't rivals and haven't been for ages, so enjoy WC's video content in this case.

The phone integration for Android and iOS is nice enough, though quite a bit of this functionality has been in Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile for ages, so you don't need to get too jealous. For example, Edge on your phone already knows your browing history from the desktop, while your Windows phone's storage is just drag and drop from the desktop when plugged in directly. And yes, maybe there's an article here for the future!