SMS to Excel UWP does exactly that...

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Another utility that 'does exactly what it says on the tin', this new UWP lets you archive your SMS to Excel format. Which then offers all sorts of analysis possibilities, of course, not least detailed wildcard searching. Or, for texts with important numbers, charting and more.

From the Store description:

Backup your Text / SMS Messages from your Phone or Devices with SIMs. The text messages are exported to Excel Sheet. You can select the duration of the messages.  

Once the messages are exported to Excel sheet, you can use a lot useful features in Excel such as Column Filter.

I was impressed by the slightly retro interface, with status blocks letting you know what's going on at all times. I suspect the actual export only takes a fraction of a second, while the messages give the impression that the app is working harder and that the export takes 10 seconds. But I'm happy to forgive this in the interests of clarity and keeping the user fully informed:


Some permissions dialogs to accept, but even these are introduced by, and commented on by the status messages in the UI. All very classy, if a touch verbose (I'm not sure the user needs to know about file locks!)


Opening the resulting Excel file on the phone shows complete success. These SMS are trivial, from a third PAYG phone line here, but you'll get the idea. Now - what could you do with a spreadsheet of all your text messages?

You can grab this in the Store for free here (until the end of May 2018). SMS to Excel is a UWP app and also runs on the Desktop, but of course there will only be SMS to find there if you've synced everything through Skype and have it set to handle your messaging on the phone. So best think of this as a phone utility, from which you can share an Excel file as needed.

Source / Credit: Store