Windows 10 on ARM ported to the Lumia 950 XL

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Credit to MSPU for staying on top of this development story and I thought it worth noting here at least, even though it's still a million miles from practical application. Essentially developer Ben Imbushuo has been working on a bootloader for the Lumia 950 XL to allow it to boot and run the full Windows 10 on ARM. Why would you want the 950 XL to actually do this? Well, you wouldn't in the real world, what we need is a real version from Microsoft on new and more powerful hardware  - but this an interesting hack, nonetheless.

Caveats? Little of the networking works (yet), and you'll need a degree in the hacking black arts to follow the instructions below and do this on your own Lumia 950 XL (summary: just don't).

From the MSPU story:

He describes the procedure as such:

1) WPInternals 2.4 to unlock bootmgfw

2) 1st shim: 

3) Kickstarter:  (msm8994-test-2 branch)

4) UEFI:  (Get Linaro toolchain and EDK2 ready)


You can find more detail at Ben’s Github repository, but don't get too excited - by the time Ben and others get this hack working and in user-installable form, so the end of 2018, we'll have a Surface Mobile for sale, I suspect. Admittedly, the latter will cost you £1000 and the former is free, but hey....(!)

Anyway, certainly a link of interest!

Source / Credit: MSPU