Support dates for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams extended, for Windows 10 Mobile

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A few weeks ago, I reported on some cessation dates for some Microsoft services, but two of these have now been extended, even well into 2019. Matching more closely to the support timescales for the OS itself? Anyway, well worth noting, especially for those using Windows on phones in the enterprise.

In particular, we have:

"Beginning in December 2019, Skype for Business on Windows 10 Mobile, will no longer be available for download."


So effectively another 18 months of availability.

For Microsoft Teams UWP, which was due to be pulled and to stop working this month, the new information is:

"Beginning July 20, 2018, the Microsoft Teams app for Windows Phone will no longer be available from the Microsoft Store. Existing users will be able to continue using the app until October 20, 2018. After October 20, the Microsoft Teams app will no longer work, and users will receive an error message when they try to connect."


So two more months of availability for installation and five more months of actual operation, compared to our original story.