Uber goes PWA or bust on Windows 10 Mobile

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Uber's UWP application for Windows 10 was always a little still-born and their cross-platform PWA has been coming on nicely. So it's not really a surprise that a new update to the UWP app is today announcing that as of 1st June 2018 the UWP will stop working altogether and that the PWA on the wider Internet will be the only way to 'request a ride'.


Uber UWP was in fact so basic that we'd never covered it here on AAWP - every time I tried to use it I came up against one barrier or other. So the announcement, also shown above right:

Starting 01 June 2018, the Uber app will no longer be supported on Windows devices. Please visit m.uber.com on your mobile or desktop browser to request a ride.

Sounds about right. As long as the PWA (Progressive Web App) served up is better. The good news is that the PWA can be updated server-side, so things should only get better from here on the Uber front. Here's the PWA in action: