Radiolise PWA brings Windows 10 Mobile another Internet Radio option

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Internet Radio is perennially popular and for good reason. Music and chat around the clock, and all for free. But did you know that in this world of PWA (Progressive Web Applications) you don't even need an application anymore? Radiolise is a PWA that works just fine in a tab in Edge all on its own, streaming music to your phone even in the background and even when the phone screen is off. One 'favourite' and you're done.

No doubt someone will package this in UWP form for the Microsoft Store, but in the meantime it's trivial to get to Radiolise. Just open up a new tab in the Edge browser on your Windows 10 Mobile smartphone and type in and you're done. 

In terms of features, you can choose between a number of themes, add to your list of favourite stations, manage them, and switch at will:


A choice of themes and several options, some of which are more applicable to Radiolise running in Edge on a Desktop; (right) Opting for 'Pure Dark', here's my current Radiolise station set-up - just tap a station to start playing. The + and - icons control volume and are in addition to the OS's volume controls.


You can ask for the detailed info on any station, though curiously there's no mention of bitrate (i.e. audio quality), unless I'm missing something? (right) the search facility seeks out stations according to search clues - there will be something for you!

On the phone, under Windows 10 Mobile, once playing, the tab carries on streaming even with the phone screen off and with other apps in the 'foreground' - at least for a while (around 15 minutes?), until the OS decides that the tab has had enough background time and bandwidth? This is the only real caveat though. At any point in the 15 minutes you can revisit the tab and then its 'timer' is reset, etc.

Data points welcome on how it behaves for you. What exactly is needed to keep it streaming indefinitely on a single station, on the phone? With the tab in the foreground and the screen simply allowed to turn off naturally, playback continues for about the same 15 minutes and then the interface switches to 'Radio OFF' and it's up to you to restart playback.

A great find, albeit of slightly more practical use on the Desktop, where Edge is under less power constraints.

Hopefully someone at Microsoft can put this in the Store, for easier user discovery (than someone stumbling upon Radiolise here on AAWP!)

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