Instabullet UWP brings Pushbullet to Windows 10 Mobile

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Never mind 'Your Phone' in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, Pushbullet has been integrating phone and computer services for longer than Microsoft - and I wanted to give a shout out to Instabullet UWP, a Pushbullet client. With it, you can push information around your computing environment - and that includes Windows 10 Mobile phones.

From the Store description:

Instabullet is unofficial Windows Phone PushBullet client. In comparison with other PushBullet clients it  supports all available features supported by this platform. 

  • No problems with synchronizations in compare with other PushBullet clients. Devices, Contacts, Subscriptions and Pushes are always up-to-date!
  • Supports push notifications.
  • Supports adding, editing, deleting for Devices, Contacts, Subscriptions and Pushes.
  • Supports searching channels and subscribing to them.
  • Supports sending Pushes: Notes, Links, Addresses, Lists and all kind of files.
  • Supports sending to all kind of destination types. 
  • Universal copy and paste feature.
  • Supports theming - many themes to match user tastes.
  • Supports replying to pushes.
  • Supports checking channel pushes.
  • Supports sharing pushes content from and to application.
  • Hamburger menu provides fast navigation between pages.
  • Clean UI.
  • Gesture Driven.
  • No Advertisements.

So think of Pushbullet as a pro-active universal cross-device clipboard on steroids. Some screenshots of Instabullet in action:

Screenshot, Instabullet for PushbulletScreenshot, Instabullet for Pushbullet

Pushing URLs is a common use, but contact records are another, here used somewhat innovatively...

Screenshot, Instabullet for PushbulletScreenshot, Instabullet for Pushbullet

Images too, plus web subscriptions, all available on any of your Pushbullet-signed-in devices.

There's a week's trial version of Instabullet free in the Store here, after that it's £1.19 in the UK. Seems like a great deal if you can see a way for Pushbullet to make a difference in your own set-up.

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