Secure Wallet PWA polished but ultimately local

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Another PWA, another simple application that's free and available in any web browser, including Edge here. Rather interestingly, it's a secure wallet for your secret 'stuff', beautifully programmed but not that practical as an overall solution because it's all offline and therefore not backed up in any meaningful way.

From the PWA's description:

A PWA for password manager. Works offline, no server, no database, uses local storage to store all data, built with react + redux + webpack.

Here's Secure Wallet PWA in action:


A surprisingly polished interface - part app, part web, a well done PWA.


Adding a new entry into the secure database...


Building up a local database of secret stuff.

You can run (and save as a favourite) this PWA at - I wonder if such a solution could be made to work with a secure file on OneDrive or similar. A bit like Password Hello UWP, which is - for Windows 10 devices at least - a better and more general solution!

Source / Credit: Secure Wallet