Ryanair Rooms PWA works well

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Another day, another useful little PWA (Progressive Web App) that runs very well under Windows 10 Mobile, with just a hint of cosmetic confusion here and there. As usual, you can package this for use without an Edge URL bar by using PAWA or similar. Or just wait until Microsoft puts this officially in the Store?

You can run this new PWA app by going to rooms.ryanair.com in the Edge browser and then go from there.

Here's the PWA in action:


It's a web page, no, it's an application - blurring the lines very nicely is this PWA, with slick form filling, auto-fill, hamburger menu for account, and more... Note the text confusion over the result sort order legend at the top. I've sorted here by 'Lowest' (proof below), resulting in these hotel matches for 'London' - the default is all the most profitable and expensive hotels. So Ryanair would be taking a cut or profits, methinks....!


Here's another small visual stumble, with the pick list for sort options only showing one item at a time. It's navigable, though, plus PWAs are, by definition, being fixed and patched all the time, server-side, so this should be fixed soon; (right) further filters, all very 'app'-like and a pleasure to set up: searching is easy and successful.


There's even a 'map' view showing matches and prices - this Ryanair PWA is really rather good and it's a definite favourite/pin under Windows 10 Mobile...

Source / Credit: Ryanair