SG iBus UWP is terrific - live bus data and timetables for Singapore

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It's tough to evaluate a city-specific travel aid when you're half a world away, but hopefully the screenshots for SG iBus will help here. It's a UWP app for all Windows 10 devices (including phones) that helps Singapore users through bus routes, timetables, and even lets them follow the 'live' progress of a specific bus.

From the Store description:

The next generation Singapore bus app is here!

SG iBus is a bus app that was specially designed and crafted for Windows (Phone) users in Singapore! This single app replaces the features of bus stop route boards and physical bus guides! With the addition of the ArrivalPro and Travel Advisory feature sets, bus-checking has never been so enjoyable!

Here's SG iBus UWP in action:


The opening menu, along with a suggestion of the nearest stop. (Which is nice of it, considering that I'm on the other side of the planet!) (right) Tapping through to browse the various bus services and their end points, with a filter on the various operators - or just 'all'.


Diving into a particular service's timetable, and (right) tracking a live bus - though it's 10000 miles away as I write this, so it's impossible to check!!


Plenty of configuration options, plus (right) you'll definitely want to pay the very modest £2.29 (or Singapore equivalent) to get rid of ads and enable all features, including the bus arrival notifications.

You can grab this in the Store here. Highly recommended for anyone in Singapore.

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