The Independent's now a PWA for all browsers/computers

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The Independent is a newspaper in the UK with a loyal following and it seems that its web site is now a full PWA (Progressive Web Application), making it perfect for use under Windows 10 Mobile, as shown below. If you want it on your Start screen then you can pin it or package it in PAWA, of course. Or wait until Microsoft itself packages it in the Store.

Of course, it's hard to say where a HTML5/CSS/Javascript-filled page ends and a PWA begins. PWA purists would say that you need to tie into service workers, etc. but really there's no need since this is simply a better packaged web site that's easier to navigate. 

Of course, it's not packaged in the Microsoft Store (yet), so either enjoy it as a Microsoft Edge favourite  or package it yourself with PAWA!

Here's the Independent site/app in Edge:


Yes, never mind the URL bar, you can ditch that with PAWA or just wait for official packaging. The site/app is clear, with social and menu bar that stays at the top while content flows below. 


Tapping the menu control brings up (after a slight lag sometimes, Edge is having work hard with the big hierarchical menu here) a navigation system, tap any category to expand it into sub-categories.


As you might expect for a newspaper site/app and 'free content', there are a lot of ads to dismiss or scroll past. In the screenshot above, there's a banner at the bottom and a big as 'inline'. Oh well.

As you might expect, just go to for now.

Source / Credit: Independent