Secret Mind UWP looks polished but with loads of caveats

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Encrypted databases, or secrets/password managers, are always a popular application genre, and there are quite a few in the Store for Windows 10 Mobile. This isn't new, but I'd never heard of it until MyAppFree surfaced it today. It's slick and attractive, especially on AMOLED screens, but it's ultimately very much a 'v1' project and it's a shame it never went any further.

From the Store description:

  • The most secure, simple and elegant way to store and organize your private data.
  • Always carry with you passwords, logins, Internet accounts, PIN and all the valuable, hard to remember information.
  • Your data will be stored securely using an AES256 encryption system, you only need to remember a single master password.

Which all sounds good, though there are some caveats to be aware of.

Firstly - and somewhat pointing to this app's unfinished status - when you start off by entering your chosen 'master password', you're not asked to confirm it. So you could, in theory, get going and enter a dozen fiddly passwords and entries, then exit the app and find out that what you'd typed wasn't what you'd intended and that you're locked out and would have to start all over again.

Secondly, there are no import facilities, so everything has to be entered (or pasted in) from scratch, which isn't ideal if you've used another app in the past.

Here's Secret Mind in action:


The UI, in black and gold, all very classy and minimalist. On the '...' menu, a couple of basic templates, all a bit disappointing. Has this project been abandoned? Still, you can construct your own entries with multiple and varied fields, if you so choose.


There's no sync with any other instance of Secret Mind on another computer or phone, but you do get to upload the database to (and download from) OneDrive, which is better than nothing. Only available after buying the 79p IAP, but that's fair enough; (right) there's an export option, out to a SQL database structure - again better than nothing, but not something novices will understand what to do with!

Not bad, but also not fully rounded, as per the caveats above. You can grab it anyway in the Store here, to have a play.

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