Flow Mail UWP offers browser wrappers around web mail

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This isn't a new idea, but Flow Mail is a new UWP app that aims to be more polished than the average web wrapper, in this case for four popular webmail systems. In fairness, it claims most functionality under Windows 10 on Desktop, but it still works for Windows 10 on phones, so let's dive in.

From the Store description:

Flow Mail is the best, fast and easy to use Mail App for your Windows 10 Device. Flow Mail lets you manage your Outlook Mail, Google Mail, Yahoo Mail and More. Manage your mails very easily without having to open Multiple Apps or Browsers Tabs. With built in support for native downloading, it is way easier to download your mail attachments.

With the increase in cases of security breach nowadays, Flow Mail protects you in many ways as the app runs in sandboxed environment aka in protected environment. it is a lot to better to use flow mail instead of opening your mails in browsers because your login info can be easily leaked from browsers if you are not careful but that's not the case with Flow Mail. Flow Mail offers more security features like Built in Windows Hello and Custom Password Support**.

The easiest way you can manage your mails instantly is with Flow Mail. It has a bunch of settings to customize your personal experience like support for Jumplist in Windows 10 PC, ability to set start-up page and more. Flow mail also have some unique features like Split View which let's you manage your mails from different page side-by-side on large screen devices like PC.

All a bit over the top for phone use perhaps (which is already more secure in every way, not least due to the built-in Hello authentication). But still, here's Flow Mail UWP in action on a Lumia:


Yes, it's what you think it is - outlook.com in a browser instance inside a paned interface, though once you've got the top bar (from Flow Mail), the control bar (from outlook.com), the bottom controls (also outlook.com), the banner ad (Flow Mail, though you can pay to zap this), and the Windows 10 controls, you've really only got half the screen for content; (right) add in an extra pop-up pane (from outlook.com) and the screen is suddenly rather unusable. Oh well, just tap on that 'x'.


Flow Mail UWP's hamburger menu and (right) Gmail web instance - and yes, even less usable space than with outlook.com's version. The controls at the top of the UI are for the browser being used, so I guess the bottom controls can be swiped away, to avoid confusion. I've left them here for context!


Plenty in Settings, including setting a custom password to stop someone picking up your phone and being into your email; (right) the three IAPs are all small, don't worry, either 79p or £1.79p in the UK.

You can grab this in the Store here. Is it all worth it, over and above using clients and browser windows and doing everything yourself? Not really, but this may well appeal to some. Of bigger note is that the same developer has produced a load of other, more unique UWP applications, and I'll be featuring these over the next few weeks on AAWP.

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