Sorry for AAWP down time

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Just a note of apology for the extended (24 hours) downtime for AAWP yesterday. We had major server problems, but Rafe thinks it's all resolved now. Thanks to Rafe for his hard work into the small hours yesterday evening and normal content should now start resuming.

This downtime follows numerous daily downtimes in the early hours of the morning, UK time, so sorry for those too. Maybe these are a thing of the past now too? Watch this space!

Keeping a server going isn't trivial in 2018, at least not when you choose to code things largely by hand rather than using a recognised blogging content management system. The advantage of going DIY is that AAWP can be exactly what Rafe (and I) think it should be, the disadvantage is that when things go wrong or when the bad guys come a-probing, then there's no quick patch to apply and no one to step in, at least at the site code level.

Oh well. We're back. And hoping to stay back. 

As ever, if you have an article or review that you'd care to contribute to AAWP then please get in touch with me at - guest submissions seem to have dried up recently!